Friday, August 22, 2014

Traveling with children: The difference 20 months will make

I often admire the energy and tenacity of families with young children who travel extensively because young children are a lot of work at the best of times when they are at home, let alone trod across the globe with them in tow.

However, everyone needs a break from the everyday routine from time to time because a change of scene is good for everyone. Importantly, I want to ensure that my children know that there is a whole other world out there besides their home country of Australia.

Our family's first international holiday took place when the twins were 20 months young and chose Singapore for obvious reasons. It was a mixed bag for us - there were bits that were enjoyable (catching up with family and a small handful of friends, the husband and I enjoyed a couple's staycation while my parents looked after the children in their home, etc) and bits that weren't so enjoyable (strollers on public transport is a nightmare, toddlers who sat on our laps on the plane, etc).

Despite all that, we are grateful and please that we went on that trip because we spent time with the people who mattered to me (my ailing grandmother, parents, best friends and favourite cousins), my children got to experience a little bit of my birth country and the husband & I didn't have to do any housework during that time and even managed to get much needed quality couple time.

Fast Forward 20 months and
we are going overseas again. Soon.

With the twins officially turning 40 months today (HOORAY!), there is no doubt certain aspects of our upcoming holiday will be a little different and here are some of them:

  • They know and understand that we are going overseas on an aeroplane and are very excited. 
  • They will have their own seats on the plane and will not be sitting on our laps (hooray!). 
  • They no longer require strollers.
  • They no longer require a day nap so we can be out & about all day as oppose to planning our day around that one day nap.

The holiday will come soon and we can't wait!

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