Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Can we see Santa NOW please?"

I know it is way too early to be writing a post about Santa Claus and it is clear that my children have inherited my love for that season! Whenever we are in the shops, they will point out toys that they like and in Daniel's case, he will stand rooted to the ground, stare and have conversations with the toy!

My usual responses are "No because you don't need it", "No because you have so many toys at home", "I will keep that in mind for your birthday", "Maybe for Christmas", "If you are really good, Santa might leave it under the tree on Christmas Eve", etc.

Silly me, why did I have to mention Christmas THIS EARLY?!

Since then, they have been asking to see Santa every day. I explain to them that Santa is very busy because there are many boys and girls around the world who need to see him too. Followed by the reminder that we have yet put up the Christmas tree so it is not Christmas yet. That is cemented by the promise that we will see Santa this year and they can tell him what they want.

So far, they have taken well to my bull crap explanations.

The other evening, I was sitting at the dinning table having a read when the kids plonked themselves at the table with paper and colour pencils.

Me: "That looks like fun. What are you drawing?"
Charlotte: "I am writing a letter to Santa Claus!"
Daniel: "Letter to Santa Claus!"

A brilliant idea indeed.

Let's hope I will still have my sanity between now and Christmas ....

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