Friday, September 26, 2014

How my wish list has changed since becoming a mother

It's a universal fact that your life changes when you have a child. In both the big and small ways, your priorities change and a lot of things that were once important to you, simply no longer are. Your wants and needs - or your wish list, if you like - change dramatically once you become a mother.

All parents want to give their children a great start and hope that the foundation and values imparted to the children will put them in good stead when they leave home, one day.

Here are my top 4 since becoming a mother:

1. Healthy Children
Most parents will take for granted the health of their children. Others, unfortunately, will not have that luxury and for them, it is a daily battle. My children experience high incidence of the coughs and colds - mostly treated with more TLC and over the counter medication from the pharmacy. 

2. Comfortable and Stylish Shoes
Who knew that one day I would bypass a pair of cute stilettos and opt for comfortable wedge shoes? Pre-kids, I suffered a lot in the name for fashion. Now, I compromise with comfortable the stylish shoes - with a lot of bling and colour!

3. Practical and nutritious meals
Before kids, a lot of us were wannabe Masterchefs, spending hours scouring for ingredients and perfecting dishes. Now, our meals are cooked in the one pot with a lot of love. They are all about efficiency, nutrition and taste. A fuss free mealtime is a happy family.

4. Some alone time
As couples without children, we were all so blessed with time alone and sleeping in. We didn't even realise we had all that until they were gone! The thing is, sitting down on the toilet without an audience or anyone screaming for me, is like winning my own personal lottery ticket. No one realised, pre-children that one of the things we'd wish for, would be to have time to sit by ourselves.

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