Thursday, September 25, 2014

My parents

Being a parent myself, I can only imagine how hard it must have been for my parents to let me soar and make a life in Australia.

Being a parent myself, I can only image how very sweet reunions are with one's children and how heart-breaking it must be when it is time to bid farewell (yet again).

Being a parent myself, I can see the immense joy and satisfaction grandchildren bring to their grandparents.

My folks are extraordinary.

They have been married for 38 years.
Consistently hard working, loyal, supportive, frugal with themselves, generous with family and above all, their love for me and my children, unconditional.

During our time in Singapore, all of us had a wonderful family time and in particular, my parents, Charlotte and Daniel.

They enjoyed daily walks to the supermarket in search of more tropical fruits.
They enjoyed cuddling and tickling their grandparents and vice versa.
Importantly, the children did not fuss when we went away without them for 3 nights!

After our morning cuddles in bed with the children, they would go in search for their grandparents. Por Por (their grandmother) serves them breakfast and when they are done, Gong Gong (their grandfather) takes them to the playground downstairs for an extended period of play. Then they will return and Por Por gives her sweaty & happy grandchildren a shower. Then we would all head out for the day before returning home for a lovingly & deliciously prepared dinner by Por Por.

Their grandparents ...
kept them entertained with outings.
gave them space to unwind on their own.
indulged them with gifts every single day.
engaged them in play and activities.

It was a family holiday filled with wonderful family memories.

The children say it best, "More Singapore Please!", "Play with Gong Gong!" and "I miss Por Por and Gong Gong very much!" So do I.

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