Monday, September 22, 2014

Parenting Milestone: No more hovering at playgrounds!

THAT DAY has finally arrived for us. It happened on the very last day of our holidays at Changi Airport Terminal 3. The kids spotted this playground from upstairs and begged to play in it. 

It was still 1.5 hours before our flight departed and nodded at the kids in agreement while looking at the many comfy chairs around us, lamenting that the chances of us actually sitting down would be slim until ....

They ran straight for the playground, scaled the obstacles until they got up to the top (Level 3) and went down the slide squealing at the top of their lungs! That was it. They have spread their wings at the playground.

We could not believe our eyes. 
We smiled at each other.
We looked at the comfy chairs and sat down. Really, sat down.

It has finally happened to us.
We are now the parents whom we have been admiring for years - the ones who no longer need to hover over their children at playgrounds!


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