Thursday, September 18, 2014

Putting Us first

It is so challenging to put us first on a daily basis and going out on a date can be tiring, most of the time. You could say, we are a lazy couple. We prefer being at home, comfortable in our PJs and lounging in front of the telly with our mobile devices in the palm of our hands. That is our definition of relaxation and putting ourselves first.

Allow me to redeem ourselves, we DO go on date nights a few times a year - to dinner & movie (that is worthy, in our opinion), to the theatre & dinner, to a REALLY NICE dinner to celebrate something REALLY know, activities which we deem are worthy for us to get dressed up for! OK. I think we just cemented our reputation as being really lazy.

Forget it.

What we do DO is staycations. In fact, we aim to go for an annual couple's only staycation. 

Our 1st was in Singapore back in 2012 at The Fullerton for 2 nights when the twins were 20 months young and my parents cared for them.

Our 2nd was in Brisbane in 2013 at The Stamford for 1 night when the twins were 28 months young and a nanny (their then childcare teacher) cared for them in our home for twenty four hours.

Our 3rd (and most recent) was in Singapore in 2014 (DUH) at The Goodwood Park hotel for 3 nights when the twins were 40 months young and my parents cared for them.

You read it right. 3 glorious nights sans twins. Doing whatever we wanted and whenever we wanted. It was perfect.

We chose The Goodwood Park hotel because of its location (Read: Orchard Road shopping), tranquility (being one of the oldest hotels in Singapore, visitors tend to flock to the newer hotels) and the poolside suite (we didn't want a standard hotel room).

Being in the poolside suite meant our room was very generous (living / dining, bedroom, hallway and en suite) and located next to the pool. It was marvellous and luxurious.

We slept in, laid in bed with our mobile devices, took our time to get ready for hearty buffet breakfasts, laid on the sun lounges, stretched and swam in the huge and deep pools, walked and checked out shops at a leisurely pace, ate out ... it was divine.

We certainly didn't spend all that time with each other. He had his own "me" time and I had mine. We would get together in the late afternoon and talk & share about our experiences during the day.

Talking and looking my husband in the eyes is also a rarity because our lives are usually so full. On this occasion, we had actual conversations (without any interruptions) and laughed! It was very, very nice.

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