Friday, September 19, 2014

Recovery from 8 hour flights

Holidays are wonderful for the soul as it gives us the time to step out of our usual routine and indulge in experiences we desire. The only flip side to being on holidays is the recovery from flights.

The flight time between Brisbane and Singapore is only 8 hours (I salute friends who travel to Europe and America annually to visit family - I don't know how you do it with your children!) and the time difference is 2 hours (Brisbane being ahead).

We woke the kids up at 6:00am to make our 9:15am flight. They were great on the plane and enjoyed snacking, playing and watching endless tv series / movies, which was fantastic for all our sanities. Despite not having a nap on the plane, they weren't grumpy and for that we are very grateful.

We arrived into Singapore at 3:30pm and made it to my parents' home at 5:00pm. We unpacked, the kids ate their dinner, showered and were in bed by 6:00pm (local time). Their total wake time on this day: 14 hours. 

They woke up at 5:30am (local time) the next day and for the remainder of our holiday, they went to bed at 6:30pm and woke up at 7:00am.

Our flight departed at 9:15pm and the kids have been awake since 7:00am. They ran around the airport and by the time we got on the flight, they were awake if not tired. We were served drinks & snacks followed by a full meal and that meant, the nights did not dim till past midnight! Having a comfortable position to slumber was challenging for the kids - there was a small degree of fussing and eventually utter exhaustion took over and they slept toe to toe. I would say Charlotte napped from 12:30am until we woke her up before touch down in Brisbane at 6:30am (local time in Singapore was 4:30am) and Daniel would probably have 3 hours of sleep at best. 

To say that we were knackered would have been an understatement. There were 4 luggages to unpack, laundry to be washed and what not. My sinuses were playing up big time and the husband sent me off to bed after a shower  - thank you, honey! While I was in bed for 2 hours, he hung out 2 loads of laundry, unpacked all our bags, unpacked our weekly grocery shopping which was delivered to our home and as for the kids...they were self-sufficient.

Our daughter had a lovely 5 hour reunion at her bff's across the road - thank you Kate for caring for my child and feeding her. Our son helped his father and played with his trains. It was quite good actually.

Then this happened, we knew it would. They completely flaked out in front of the couch at 2:30pm. Poor little poppets! We also knew we can't let them nap for too long because we want them to sleep at night. Thankfully, we had planned to go for a walk to our local park for a play and to feed the ducks in the pond at 3pm with Kate and her children. We woke the grumpy kidlets from their slumber and they dragged their little feets along, grumpily.

We were home for dinner, bath and it was light's out for them at 6:30pm. They slept till 8:00am! We are so grateful and relief that they did because we all needed to stretch out in our own beds and sleep!

All of us woke up happy and refreshed! Amazing what a good night's sleep can do to our bodies. We had nothing planned for this day and basically stayed in our PJs all day long. Even the grandparents surprise visit did not faze us, in fact we welcomed it. The kids stretched out and played very nicely all day with each other. What a relief!

Then it was off to bed for them at 6:30pm and they woke up at 8:15am the next day! Clearly, their little bodies and brains needed it.

A little cabin fever has set in. The husband went to the heli club for some "me" time while the kids and I ventured into our local supermarket - yes, our groceries had only been delivered 2 days ago and we were already running on empty! We had fun picking out fresh produce and came straight home after.

Another easy day for us. More cleaning, tidying, organising while the kids played without any time constraints.

Then off to bed for them at 6:30pm and they woke up at their usual time of 7:15am the next day!

There you have it. Our recovery plan from air travel with little ones.

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