Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Singapore: Young children are assets on public transport

We traveled to Singapore with the twins for the first time when they were 20 months young and it was stressful and frustrating lugging two single umbrella strollers on all modes of public transportation.

20 months later, we returned to Singapore with soon to be 3.5 year old twins and what a wonderful experience that was without the single umbrella strollers in tow!

Charlotte and Daniel hold our hands most of the time when we are out and about. Even when they are not, they are never far from us. Taking public transport this time around has been such a pleasure. 

In fact, the husband commented that he found commuters more gracious this time around. Therefore, if there was a national campaign on being considerate on public transport by the authorities, I dare say it has been a success where we are concern.

Our young children were our best assets at securing seats on crowded public transport. Commuters willingly gave up their seats without us eye balling them. They stood up and gave their seats to us - not just for the child but also for the accompany parent / grandparent, in our case. WOW!

We are very, very impress by their consideration and are very grateful for it too.

Therefore, for those who are traveling in Singapore with young children (especially without strollers in tow), please take public transport. 

The public transportation network is extensive.

It comes at very regular intervals.
It is clean.
It is air-conditioned.
It is cheap.

If your kids are like ours who hardly get the chance to take public transport in their home country, this will be a novelty to them.

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