Monday, September 15, 2014

Traveling on an aeroplane with 3 year olds

Traveling with young children requires preparation and a lot of crossing of fingers - wishing, hoping and praying that it will be OK. This is our 2nd overseas trip with the twins and we are so thankful that it went OK. In fact, it was better than OK.

A few months leading up to the flight
We spoke about our impending holiday to the twins regularly, what we would be doing on the plane, who we would be meeting and what we would get up to when we got to the destination with a lot of enthusiasm and fun!
"We watch movies and eat snacks (on the aeroplane)!" - Charlotte
The night before the flight
As we would be leaving home at 6:30am for the airport, the twins were dressed in their plane clothes for bedtime so all we have to do in the morning is get them out of their beds and into our transport for the airport. Keeping it really simple.

This is what we packed in the twins' backpacks
A water bottle each for the kids which we filled after immigration.
A container of rice crackers and dried fruit (they are not messy).
That's it. 

At the airport
With the twins still strapped in their seats, I grabbed the airport trolley while the husband unloaded our bags. While he loaded the bags into the trolley, I got the kids out of the car and they held onto my hand all the way.

A surprise gift for each of them
After we made it through immigration, we walked around a little and took the kids to the toilet. Then we gave them a surprise gift for the flight. The kids were over-the-moon by the surprise and we were thrilled to see their elation too.

Sitting 4 in a row
This configuration worked really well for us. The husband and I sat at either end so we penned the children in. They were great throughout the flight - ate all the snacks from home, meals provided by the airline, went to the toilet a few times, watched a few movies, played with the surprise gifts, did not nap one bit and we made it to Singapore in ONE PIECE! The flight was 8 hours and we were, as you can see from the photo above, traveled in economy.

What we have learnt:
Young children are highly adaptable.

Building up their excitement a few months prior to the actual trip worked wonders for our children's imagination and understanding.

Choose an airline that caters to young children. They even addressed our children by their first names!

We have learnt so much as their parents and love going on holidays with them because we love seeing the world through their eyes and love seeing them grow up through experiences & travel. We have passports and will be traveling more as a family!

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