Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A surprise for the kids

Do you know how difficult it is to pick a family movie that will suit a young boy and girl that is also age appropriate for them? VERY. We have been checking out the movie listings for months - it's either too girly, too violent, too late in the afternoon, etc. 

We finally came across a movie that our friends with their young ones tell us is good -  it was on at a great time (9:50am!) and shown on the largest cinemascope screen in the whole of Queensland (25.5m wide!).

On the day before the movie - to be specific, at bedtime... we told the kids that they would be a surprise outing in the morning and they MUST sleep very well because they need the energy and concentration. "Presents?" they asked. My children are obsessed with presents and explained to them that it is a surprise and it is bedtime. Good night.


Danie sat through the entire movie and Charlotte (and I) got a little fidgety towards the end. Nonetheless, it was a good first movie for us and we will certainly be on the lookout for more!

While we were walking out of the cinema, Charlotte said, "Mummy, when there is a Princess Movie next time, will you take me please?"

Absolutely. You read my mind, sweetheart. We pinkie promised.

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