Tuesday, October 14, 2014

About Trains and Kites

Leading full lives during the week means weekends take on a more relaxing pace and sometimes, we go exploring if something catches our eyes. 

One member of our family loves trains. He is obsessed about them and therefore, it was a no brainer for us to check out The Workshops Rail Museum located in Ipswich.

There were a few full use steam engines around, interactive exhibits and an extensive play area for young children housed underneath a huge shed which was very well ventilated. We walked, climbed on board a few stationary trains, went on the simulator, had a picnic lunch underneath a shade sail, etc. It's a good place to walk around (if you are looking for something to do) especially in the "cooler" months (as I have been told) and the highlight of this museum is certainly THE BIG THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE INTERACTIVE EXHIBIT that comes annually for 1.5 months from 26th December. 

While Daniel excitedly looked at the poster for Thomas, Charlotte pulled me aside, "Mummy, please take me shopping or to a princess movie." I hear you, Charlotte. You read my mind too.

Looks like it will be a daddy-son date when Thomas and his friends roll into The Workshops Rail Museum. Charlotte and I will enjoy our first mani and pedi session plus shopping! YAY! 

On our way home, we also checked out for the first time, the Annual Kite Festival held at Cannon Hill. The kids received their first kites and flew them independently. We would have stayed longer if not for the sting in the sun. Nonetheless, it was a good opportunity for us to stretch our legs after being in the car for 50 minutes (the kids had a mini nap - hooray!). We brought our kites home and flew at our park in the early evening.

It was a lovely weekend creating even more memories as a family and that's what I love best about weekends. Being out and about with my young family.

What about you? What did you get up to?

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