Thursday, October 16, 2014

I never wished for another sibling until now

As an only child, I have never yearned for another sibling until now. The friendship, support and love Daniel and Charlotte find in each other makes me envious. 

As their mummy, I couldn't be prouder of them. They are independent beings who make their own friends, play on their own and with each other. They share the same bedroom, have their meals and showers / baths together, go to the same kindy and have different interests.

I love their uniqueness and similarities.

Charlotte loves everything feminine (refuses to wear shorts) and Daniel loves everything masculine (refuses to put on princess costumes that Charlotte coaxes him to dourn). He indulges her and will put on her Princess shoes and do "Ring a ring a rosie" with her. That's the kind of brother he is. He loves her and loves to make her happy.

When I want to take a photo and tell them to say "cheese", they will look at each other and scream. Must be a sibling thing!

From time to time, I see this. Them playing together with Daniel's beloved trains. He does not share them willingly and for him to do so with his sister means TRUE LOVE!

My wish for them is to always be close and candid with each other.
May they always treat each other with love, kindness and humility.

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