Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No more sneaking around

Our children have been our foremost priority since they were born and that means we put US on the back burner. Going on a date requires meticulous planning coupled with the lack of energy and sometimes, enthusiasm.

Those dates are few and far between because we would 'sneak' out after putting the kids to bed and honestly, retiring on the lounge in front of the telly is more enticing than a plate of scrumptious medium rare steak with all the trimmings at a fancy restaurant. 

Fast forward to the present. 2014, to be exact and there has been a gradual shift in our family.

We went away for 3 days and nights without the twins when we were in Singapore. We had a fantastic time and they had a most enjoyable time with their maternal grandparents (Gong Gong and Por Por). 

We are so grateful for that break!

Over the weekend while the kids were wide awake, we went out without them! WOW! No sneaking around.

We went to The Lion King. Matinee Session! It was surreal being out without the kids during the daylight hours and we enjoyed ourselves so much...we extended our date!

After a most enjoyable and mesmerising theatrical performance, we took a leisurely stroll, chose a restaurant to dine at and after dinner, went to the movies! Yes, we had THAT MUCH ENERGY!

Their paternal grandparents (Pop and Dee Dee) cared for them and even put them to bed! We took a break from the dinner-bath-bathtime routine! YAY!

We are so grateful for that break!

It's so nice not sneaking out of our own home anymore.

Here's to more couple time for us, more grandparents - grandchildren time together and above all, bringing our marriage back to the forefront.

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