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Our top 3 favourite travel snacks

Young children expel a lot of energy and require refueling at certain times of the day. Some days more than others depending on what activities they get up to. 

We have snacks packaged up in single serves either in containers or zip lock bags in our pantry ready to go at all times. This makes it so handy when we need to head out at a drop of a hat or when the twins need a snack quickly while I am focussed on something else - I reach for the top shelf in the pantry and hand them a packet of snacks. They are instantly quiet and I get back to what I was doing. 

My kids love snacking in the car. In fact, just as we drive out of the garage, there will be a chorus call of "I am hungry", "My belly is growling"... and out comes my handy snack packs.

Here are our top 3 favourite travel snack combinations.
  • Rice crackers, dried apricots and sultanas
  • Blueberries, carrot sticks and apples
  • Corn thins, cheese cubes and sultanas

What about your family? What are your favourite travel snacks?