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The Great Outdoors

With gorgeous clear blue skies and ample grounds to explore, what's there not to like about the Great Outdoors with young children in tow? Perhaps the scorching heat. Thank goodness for shady big trees, hats, mats, copious amount of water, healthy snacks & food that keep well in the esky and a few toys chosen by the children, we had a most wonderful 4 hours at a park not too far a drive from home.

There were playgrounds to explore, hungry ducks to feed, huge planes to gawk at when they roared over our heads, toys to play and share, birds to chase away ...yes, snacks, food and water to placate hungry little tummies!

The kids were happy and I was even happier. A friend (7 months older) rocked up and together, the three of them played and ate very nicely together. Daniel in particular took a shining to him.

I love that my children will soon be 3.5 years old because we are starting to experience gradual positive developments within our little family {NO, we are not having another baby, ever again}.

Here's to more quality family time creating many more beautiful memories.