Friday, October 24, 2014

To Pho with Love

One of my comfort foods is Vietnamese Pho with beef and rice noodles. The clear broth is aromatic and tasty, the different cuts of beef are delightful and paired with fresh bean sprouts, thai basil leaves and a wedge of freshly squeezed lime / lemon, it makes my heart sing and my tummy very grateful.

The best place in Brisbane for Vietnamese Pho is found in the western suburb of Darra, which unsurprisingly, is an enclave of many vietnamese stores from butchers, cafes, salon, restaurant, supermarket, etc. I had my first Iced Vietnamese Coffee (with little bits of coffee jelly like bubble tea) and Pork Roll at the unassuming take away shop opposite Darra train station a year ago and am forever hooked!

If I lived in the western suburbs, that's where I would go to eat and shop every single week. I live in the East and the closest shop that sells Pho is located at Sunnybank which is 20 minutes drive away.

So what is a woman to do when she is craving for Pho but does not want to drive too far from home? GOOGLE, of course!

Presenting Vietnamese Mint located on 38 Junction Road in Morningside (next to Coles Supermarket). The online reviews were all positive, the menu looked appetizing and the prices even more amazing!!!

Tucked away in a very small shopping centre which is undergoing refurbishments, Vietnamese Mint is a small cafe. There is no atmosphere to speak of and the seats are uncomfortable but is very clean and tidy. That will do for me. It's a cafe that serves good wholesome authentic Vietnamese food.

First, my drink of choice. Young coconut water with coconut flesh. YUM. It was so refreshing and oh so tasty (yes, a little sugar syrup was added to the drink and yes, it was very good).

The star of the show. Special Pho. Beef broth that has been cooked for 12 hours served with sliced rare beef, brisket and meatballs, fresh thai basil, bean sprouts and fresh rice noodles. I am in love with this meal. It is everything it promises to be on paper.

As I was savouring this delightful bowl of goodness, the proprietor, a gentleman in his mid 30s asked if I would like to try some home-made chilli. WOULD I? ABSOLUTELY!

The crunch factor in this sauce adds another dimension to my bowl of Pho. Surprisingly, it isn't spicy at all so I ate roughly 1/4 bottle of this yummy chilli sauce which I think is made up of dried chilli, lots of crunchy shallots, oil and something else. It was delicious.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful 30 minutes to myself tucking into a most wholesome vietnamese meal. I will certainly be back to check out the rest of the menu.

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