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Another reason I am grateful that my babies are not babies anymore

I am so happy that my children are getting older, most of the time that is and here is why:

  • They have not been in a stroller for just over a year and walk well & stay close when we are out.
  • They say the funniest things and make candid observations about their surroundings.
  • They tell me what they want for Christmas and Birthdays so I never have to guess.
  • They can do chores and help out when asked. Importantly, they put away their toys.
  • They sit on normal chairs and we no longer have to choose a restaurant / cafe based on their availability of high chairs OR bring their high chairs when we go to someone's home.
  • They understand and respond to threats when I need them to do something, and fast!
  • They can open the car doors gently and get themselves into their respective car seats.
  • They know and will tell me not to buy any toys when we are out because toys are reserved for birthdays and christmas.
  • They can be in a room on their own without being placed in any danger like this one...
I was cleaning and tidying in the other part of our home and walked into our kitchen to this scene of "domestic bliss".

Daniel and Charlotte kneeling on bar stools and hunched over the kitchen island doing something. They told me that the tea towels on the stools was "to keep the stools dry". Clever little monkeys they are. Then I walked over to the other side of the kitchen island to see what they were up to.

They were making "bubble juices" and initiated the entire activity. I did not interfere one bit. They got off and on those stools numerous times while I took this opportunity and enjoyed some "me" time in the media room.

They played and communicated beautifully. They helped, shared and encouraged each other  with phrases such as "Well done Charlotte!" "Good job, Daniel!"

This went on for AN.ENTIRE.HOUR.