Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Tradition with the Man in Blue Suit and Red Suit

There is something very comforting about family traditions no matter how mundane they are because of the way it makes us feel when we partake in them and the memories stay with us throughout our lives. 

For me, I remember mummy putting up the christmas tree, buying gifts for friends and family, attending midnight mass and having an all day meal at my paternal grandmother's home with the tribe of uncles, aunts and cousins. FYI, my paternal grandmother gave birth to 7 sons and 5 daughters.

Our family has a few traditions since 
Charlotte and Daniel joined our family. Every year since their births, we have taken photos with Santa and we also make a special trip into the city so that we can take a photo with this man in the blue suit. Yes, a statue that graces Santa Land annually - we sure hope he stays around for many more years!

Not surprisingly, the children have grown up quite a lot since the first photo was taken when they were 8 months young and the most recent at 43 months young.

We have also sat with Santa Claus every year since they were born and intend on doing this until they are much older. I think it is heart-warming and amazing to have a montage of us during the same period each year even if I have to drag them screaming and kicking.

This is my badge of honor that reminds me that no matter how tough some days are, every day is a brand new day. Charlotte and Daniel are and will always be my greatest achievements.

What are your family traditions? Christmas and or otherwise?


  1. Nice! I think it is awesome to have a picture taken with Santa every year too, makes you realise just how fast those kids grow! =) You know, one christmas in Sweden, we got the hubby to dress up as Santa because it was like a tradition there, but it turned out Angel got a huge fright and was a little traumatized by it all. Lol. (perhaps she thought daddy was taken away by this old man in red?) So we've been a little cautious about it nowadays she will still shun away from any Santa-Claus look-alike mascots but things are getting better and we would definitely love to bring Santa back to our house again to distribute the prezzies to the kids! P.S. He also brings along his little black book to see which kid has been good or bad, an ingenious way for us to recap with the kids on the things they did in the year. =) Thanks for linking up with Happiness is! =)

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me! Oh my, poor Angel for being traumatised by daddy who had every good intention of being a jolly Santa Claus! WOW!!! I love the use of the little black boy to illustrate their milestones for the year!!!!

      We are so blessed to be gifted with the joy of marriage, family and parenhood!