Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fun Day Out with $20 in our pocket

Having fun as a family can sometimes mean burning a hole in our pockets and it is no wonder families are constantly trawling newspapers and websites for 'free activities'. 

I love spending weekends with mine despite most weekends spent running errands. Thankfully, our children do not seem to mind and appear to enjoy them because we are all together. We try to plan a few outings a month that do not involve errands and the focus is on fun. One of our favourites is South Bank Parklands.

This place is popular with everyone both the young and the old. There are weekend markets, shops, restaurants, cafes, museums, cinemas, fake beach and numerous water play areas to be enjoyed by everyone especially young children.

We start at the big water play area which is literally a shallow pool with heaps of water jets, platforms of varying heights and different textural floor surfaces. We would walk and explore the entire play area, dunk our heads, splash water, play with the toys from home (they are each allowed to bring only 1) and check out what others are up to.

After an hour or so, we move to the next water area call Kodak Beach or affectionately known as fake beach. This is where the kids go nuts with the sand.

We found a shady spot on the beach underneath the palm trees and that was where we perched ourselves for the next hour. They played while I sat in the water, enjoying my own personal serenity. No joke. The kids did not bother me for one. entire. hour until Charlotte announced that she was hungry.

Out comes my home-packed picnic lunch of ham & cheese sandwiches (that were made and placed in the freezer the night before & thawed very nicely in our insulated picnic bag), a big container of grapes, apples and oranges and huge bottles of water. The kids got out of the water, dried off, got changed, ate their lunch and went straight back into the water! It was brilliant.

Then we walked around the markets and ended up at Max Brenner as a special treat for all of us. The children had their favourite of chocolate strawberry dip ($8.70) and the parents had coffees ($7.80). 

On our walk back to our car, we stopped by another playground for the kids to run off all the sugar they had just consumed and this photo sums up our day of happiness and relaxation. 

Check out their poses (a mirror image of each other) and their matchy outfits cleverly & stylishly designed and made by a mummypreneur who runs Blue Eyed Monkeys. Check out the wide range of high quality fabrics and styles she creates! I love her creations and so do my rambunctious children.

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