Thursday, November 27, 2014

He took everything in his stride

On Monday, his world came crashing down rapidly. He was breathing heavily, wheezing and the back of his throat was making a weird noise.

A call was made to see the doctor immediately as he was experiencing breathing difficulties.

We went straight into the clinic and an oxygen mask was placed over his nose and mouth by the nurse. The GP checked him over and uttered the following words to me,

"You are not going to like what I am about to tell you. He needs to go to the hospital and we are ringing an ambulance."

I told Daniel that I had to go home first and get a few things. He nodded his head and did not fuss or cry. He was such a good and understanding boy.

The moment I drove up my driveway, my neighbour took Charlotte into her loving care. I ran into our home and grabbed Daniel's water bottle, his favourite toy and 3 nappies (in case the hospital had to hook him up).

The ambulance arrived 5 minutes after I arrived back at the clinic. The paramedics were wonderful and made Daniel very comfortable.

It was our first time in an ambulance.

The ride to the hospital was smooth and although Daniel was quiet, he was calm and smiled at me reassuring.

Soon, he was fast asleep.

For the first time in a long time, I REALLY looked at him and concentrated on him during that ride. 

He has grown up so much. 
His legs are so much longer.
He is certainly leaner.
His hair needs cutting.
He is my very special boy.

The very considerate paramedics wheeled him into the Mater Children's Emergency because Daniel was still sleeping.

Within 10 minutes, he was transferred to a bed where a nurse and paediatrician presided over him. I love this hospital because they speak to the child first and everything they use is child sized.

Daniel was given liquid steroid followed by 6 puffs of the ventolin every 20 minutes. This went on for the next hour and we were told that we may need to stay in hospital overnight. 

He did not fuss or cry. Taking his medication and listening to every instruction. What a good boy and model patient he is.

He even enjoyed his hospital sandwich and cup of apple juice.

This was Daniel before he was hooked up to the monitors that tracked his heart rate and breathing.

He certainly takes everything in his stride. Throughout our time in hospital, he only asked when we were going home 3 times and told me that he missed his sister.

Daniel was very well looked after by the medical team who saw to him every 30 minutes. I was actually rather relaxed because Daniel was relaxed and for the first time that day, I really sat down and chilled. 

His dependency on the ventolin went from every 20 minutes, to every hour and every 3 hours. The 3 hour mark was the magic number that indicated to the paediatrician that Daniel did not require a stay overnight. 

By that stage, it was 10pm. I rang the husband who had only arrived home three hours earlier from the airport to pick us up.

It was 11pm by the time we got home. That night, Daniel and I slept on the same bed as I had to administer ventolin every 3 hours. He was such a good boy and I loved having him on my bed that night because nothing else mattered except for us.

The next two days were spent at home and we followed the recovery plan as mapped out by the paediatrician.

Daniel is gradually being weaned off ventolin from every 3 hours to every 6 hours and today, every 12 hours.

Today is also the day he returns to Kindy. To be reunited with his friends.

It has been such a pleasure caring for Daniel at home. He was the model patient and such a good boy. 

He ate well, drank well and played well. 
Enjoying the serenity and his own company.
He was joined to my hip and needed to sight me at all times.

He is my son and he takes everything in his stride. What a priceless trait in such a young lad!

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