Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Charlotte's 1st Report Card

We attended the Christmas Party host by their Childcare Centre this week and marvelled at how far our children have progressed. They were one of the youngest children when they first entered childcare as 9 month young infants and today, they are one of the oldest in the Junior Section of the centre. Next year will see them settle into the Senior Section of the centre as they commence Kindergarten.

I am SO PROUD of them and us as a family for our abilities to roll with the punches and ride the sometimes unrelenting challenges as well as over-the-top amazing milestones which reminds us how incredibly blessed and lucky we are.

Along with photos and portfolios of their achievements this year, we also received their first report cards for their teachers. This piece of information is and will be deeply cherished for many years as it perfectly encapsulates their growth as holistic individuals.

Since Charlotte is twin #1 based on birthright, I shall share hers first.
To check out her twin brother's report card, click here.

Dear Charlotte

It has been a pleasure having you in our Junior Kindy class this year and we have enjoyed watching you learn and grow.

We have observed as you have grown into a confident little girl, able to take care of herself and others, particularly Daniel. You have very successfully mastered toilet training, can make your own bed at rest times, dress yourself even putting on your own shoes and take care of your personal belongings thus as the year has progressed we have seen you take an increasing responsibility for your own health and physical well-being and it makes us smile to watch "mother hen" Charlotte in action throughout her days at Kindy.

As is evident in the conversations I have held with you and as we have observed, you have developed lovely friendships with some of your peers this year; using your fabulous language to create some wonderful games and contribute to many a large group activity. You are strong in both your social and emotional well-being and can more often than not be found leading the play, others following your animated instructions in whatever you may be doing, you appear to be a natural born leader in many situations.

You are a loving sister and more so at the beginning of the year would keep a keen eye on Daniel to make sure he was okay, always stepping in to help him if he needed it, it is great to see that as the year has progressed that he has needed less help from you, but you are still there just in case.

You are an enthusiastic learner always first to want to give new things a go, and have developed some great dispositions for learning and will persist with tasks even if at first you may find them difficult and also confidently ask for help if it is needed.

You love playing in home corner, dressing up and feeding babies, being "mummy" and going to work and cooking dinner; you can often be heard chatting away to anyone who will listen, quite obviously transferring things seen and learnt from one context to another. You also learn creating and will sit drawing, painting and collaging for extended periods of time. 

You have mastered counting and colours amongst many other things and can recognise your name and Daniel's when written.

We have really enjoyed your many show and tells this year when you have shared with us some of your most favourite books at group times, you are great at sharing these with your friends even though they are yours from home.

We wish you all the best on the move to the Big side next year!!!

Yours in Learning,
Miss Caitlin and Miss Michelle

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