Monday, December 22, 2014

Cots no more!

Charlotte and Daniel shared my womb for 9 months.
They shared a cot specifically for twins during our 3 nights in hospital.
When we arrived home, they shared the same cot for three months.
Two weeks ago, their cots were converted into junior beds and their bedroom was revamped to reflect their elevated status of bona fide toddlers.

Why did we wait this long, you ask?

Quite simply, they were still sleeping very well in their cots and never have they once climbed out which meant we never had 'visitors' while we were chilling on the lounge and when we were in bed.

This transition was a gradual process over a few months and we took that opportunity conveying our expectations and they are:
  • No to jumping on the beds
  • No to hopping in each other's beds when it is bedtime
  • No to leaving the beds and their bedroom when it is bedtime
What's the consequence if they do not meet any of those expectations?
Their junior beds will be converted back into cots.

Now, you should see the shocked expressions on their faces and hear the promises uttered from their mouths. 

In addition to conveying our expectations, we also looked at different bed linen together and spoke about their friends who were already in their "big beds". 

The clincher for us occured a fortnight ago when we were at the children's section in Ikea where they laid on the toddlers' beds for a long time with big smiles plastered on their faces. Needless to say, the transformation of their bedroom took place that very day.

They were very proud and pleased to have been promoted to "big girl" and "big boy" beds. 

The big question - Have they adhered to the expectations?
Yes, they have and we are very proud of them.

p.s. Today, Charlotte and Daniel turns 3 years and 8 months!


  1. Are those beds, in the photos, from Ikea?

    1. Hi Charmaine

      Those beds are not for Ikea. We purchased them from a baby shop. We love that it converts well into a junior bed. Yes, my kids who are now 4 have been sleeping in that same bed and on the same mattress since they were 4 day infants!