Thursday, December 4, 2014

Daniel's 1st Report Card

We attended the Christmas Party host by their Childcare Centre this week and marvelled at how far our children have progressed. They were one of the youngest children when they first entered childcare as 9 month young infants and today, they are one of the oldest in the Junior Section of the centre. Next year will see them settle into the Senior Section of the centre as they commence Kindergarten.

I am SO PROUD of them and us as a family for our abilities to roll with the punches and ride the sometimes unrelenting challenges as well as over-the-top amazing milestones which reminds us how incredibly blessed and lucky we are.

Along with photos and portfolios of their achievements this year, we also received their first report cards for their teachers. This piece of information is and will be deeply cherished for many years as it perfectly encapsulates their growth as holistic individuals.

This is Daniel's Report Card.
To check out his twin sister's report card, click here

Dear Daniel

What an amazing year we have had with you in Junior Kindy this year, as we have watched you grow leaps and bounds.

We have observed as you have transformed from a very quiet little boy who would often sit back and simply observe, to one that recently has an ever increasing vocabulary and is confident to use it, we love to hear you yelling and laughing and chatting busily with the friends you have made in your class, the friendships you seek out in Anthony, Levi and Zane are particularly beautiful to watch. You can be seen running loud and crazy with them - chasing outdoors, throwing balls and riding bikes. However indoors, we have observed you lying and playing very peacefully with the trains or animals and making some wonderful large creations with the blocks, and just like your sister you love getting your hands dirty and creating drawings and painting masterpieces.

It has been wonderful to see you gain more and more confidence in the room, asserting yourself not only with Charlotte but with your peers, recently quite confidently voicing your concerns and opinions showing us a great sense of social responsibility and awareness of fairness, as you stick up for yourself or your friends.

You have shown a keen interest in learning and can identify your name when written, and will also persevere with tasks even when you might find them difficult. We love seeing the light shine in your eyes and the dimples on your face as you smile enthusiastically when you bring your favourite Thomas stories to share with us at group times, showing that you are an active participant in your learning.

You have been taking an increased effort in your own health and well-being, as you are able to make your bed at rest times and put on your own shoes and we are so proud of your recent success in toileting!

We will continue to foster your quiet nature and ever increasing language in the coming weeks and are sure you will thrive on the Big side next year.

Yours in Learning,
Miss Caitlin and Miss Michelle

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