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Happy like Pigs in Mud

We all have hopes and dreams for our children - for them to be healthy, joyful and adaptable individuals among many other attributes and virtues. 

This collage of photos are some of the highlights from their 2014 year at childcare and I love these images very much as they espouse the values of our family where socialisation, discovery and play are constant companions.

We are typical of most working families where routine reigns supreme and childcare is our only option.

Thankfully, Charlotte and Daniel enjoy going to childcare. So much so, they beg us to drop them off the moment they are done with breakfast at home even on weekends!

We are deeply appreciative of all the work, seen and unseen, that occurs at their childcare centre. Our children are adaptable and happy, that is all that matters to us.

Thank you to all the educators at the childcare centre that my children go to.
You enable me to return to my career without the guilt!