Thursday, December 11, 2014

I am not your Best Friend

Motherhood is a deliriously polarising experience. Most days take the form of predictable routine with a few moments of joyful spontaneity and shocking disbelief coupled with fiery impatience and heart swelling pride.

Forming friendships and socialisation is a big part of my children's lives. It truly is one of the most satisfying observations and am utterly grateful that they have friends!

As with any friendships, we may not necessarily agree with everything that our friends say and do. Young children have no inner dialogue and what they think is EXACTLY what they will say.

"I am not your best friend" has for whatever reason become a comeback that my children use when someone (including myself) says or does something that does not bode with them. This is also a term that I detest and have expressed my displeasure whenever I hear it being uttered.

A few days ago, I became the recipient of that term, lashed at me by Charlotte. She stared at me and I stared back with a deadpan expression on my face. This child has no idea that I can outstare her anyday anytime. Predictably she looked away in discomfort (both from the eyes strain and the disdain from me).

I knelt down to her level and asked her to look me in my eyes (which she did).

"I do not want to be your best friend.
I am your mummy and no one will ever love you like I LOVE YOU."

I reached out my arms offering a cuddle and she fell straight into them and nestled her face against my neck. 

Daniel who was observing from a few steps away, walked gingerly towards us and I reached out one of my hands which he took quickly with a smile on his face and the three of us kissed and cuddled in the middle of our family room surrounded by all the messes they had created.


  1. Hi Magdalene, I think that line might be from Peppa Pig.. My 3 year old just said the same thing to me a couple of days ago!
    By the way, just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog.. Keep writing!

    1. Hi Shrin

      Ahhhhh, thank you for enlightening me! Hahahaha that catch phrase is going viral!!!
      Thank you for reading my blog and encouragement.

      Merry Christas and a Happy New Year!