Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going on a Date with one twin at a time

Adults need time out for ourselves from time to time. Some more than others especially those of us with young children. The same can be said for siblings too. 

Taking time off from corporate work has allowed us uninterrupted quality family time and also the opportunity to take each twin on a date where each parent fully engages with the child, enjoy lengthy conversations without interruptions and really look each other in the eyes.

My first date of the year with Charlotte saw us at a shopping centre of her choice. We combed our favourite shops, made joint decisions on gift purchases, salivated at cake displays,  sat down to morning tea with her sipping at my iced tea and enjoying our macarons, holding hands and pausing regularly for cuddles and kisses and marvelling at how similar we are!

Daniel's first date of the year with daddy saw them at the Railway Museum for the annual "Day out with Thomas". Needless to say, he had a wonderful time and spoke excitedly about his experience of meeting The Fat Controller, Thomas, Douglas, Annie and Clarabel, as well as the fun he had with all the wooden railway train displays and pushing a trolley around the indoor playground.

Taking time out with each twin is brilliant. NO fights, NO arguments and NO tantrums. It was sweet, memorable, meaningful and above all, realising that our twins are getting older and so much fun to be around!

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