Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back to Corporate Work

It is my turn to return to corporate work after a 5 week hiatus. 
It was exactly what I needed.
It has enabled me opportunities of reflection and to smell the roses.

I spent quality time with my spouse and children.
Crucially, I also had time to myself.

During the holidays ...
I went to a theatrical performance involving illusionists.
I went to the cinemas and watched 5 movies.
I went out for lunch almost every other day.
I went on dates with my husband.
I went on dates with my children.
I went to the shops on my own and explored to my heart's content.
I stayed at home and did a lot of experimental cooking.
I stayed at home and did housework at a leisurely pace.
I stayed at home and watched my favourite tv series on the lounge for hours.
I stayed at home and played Candy Crush!

Yes, I had a marvellous time. Let's see what 2015 will come to my life!

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