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Keeping House

Like many families in Australia, we do not have domestic helpers. Yet we are blessed with generous sized homes as well as yards. Having the space and storage allows us to spread out and accumulate (more) stuff!

I am often asked how we keep house given our circumstances. For starters, we are an active family and our home evolves with us. There are always stuff lying around the place which needs picking up & putting away and when the weather turns foul, the laundry room resembles a laundromat! It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a clean, tidy and organised home all the time especially with the husband and children around the traps.

Having said that, it has certainly gotten slightly 'easier' now that the twins are no longer babies!

It comes as no surprise that we have a schedule of sorts at home, given that we thrive on routine! For example, on the laundry front. We turn the washing machine on every other day and the dried washing is brought in on the same day, it is sorted-folded-put away on the spot without any delay and the ironing is attended to once a week. Every night after dinner, the dining table gets a thorough wipe down and the floors gets vacuumed.

We tidy throughout the day so that when the children retire to bed in the evenings, we are able to sit back and relax. That also means, housework is done around the children throughout the day. Yes it can be inconvenient especially when mopping  / ironing is in progress. Given that I used to have 2 little children hanging onto my legs during meal preparations, doing housework around them is a walk in the park. 

From a young age, Charlotte and Daniel have been encouraged to partake in household chores - sweeping our outdoor patio, cleaning table tops, wiping bathroom surfaces, using the vacuum cleaner, food preparations, setting the table for meals, sponging the cars, stacking & unstacking the dishwasher and crucially ... putting their toys away.

With everyone playing their parts, every little bit helps in keeping house and also our sense of belonging as a family unit.