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Making the most of our Annual Leave

Raising children can be exhausting at the best of times and unsurprisingly, the end of the work day is often the most challenging. Our reprieve comes in the form of the 6:30 pm bedtime for the twins. The rest of the evening sees us retiring on the lounge with our mobile devices and the television playing a series of our choice.

What a scene of domestic bliss! Hahaha.

To fully focus on our marriage, we extract ourselves from our children from time to time. Dates are how we re-connect and remind ourselves that WE ARE IMPORTANT TO EACH OTHER. 

As working parents, we are entitled to annual leave and where possible, we make this work to its utmost advantage by taking leave together and especially when the children are still at childcare.

Together, we drop them off at childcare before going our separate ways and reuniting at lunch time. He goes off to do what he likes and I go off to do what I like. WIN-WIN. Having the time and space to be by oneself is sacred and rejuvenating!

Here are some of the meals we have enjoyed, uninterrupted.

Here are the movies we have enjoyed on leisurely afternoons.

We also went to the theatre and saw this:

Very soon, we will be propelled back to the reality of being working parents and future dates will require more advanced planning. Still, I am grateful that we have opportunities to re-connect as a couple and as individuals. Crucially, for our children to know that their parents love each other.