Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Twins go to Kindergarten!

The date was 22nd January 2012 when we cuddled our 9 month young twin infants even tighter than usual as we took our first steps into this childcare centre. They were barely sitting up independently and Charlotte had just started crawling. That first day experience will be etched in my heart and mind for the rest of my life.

To say that it was heart wrenching barely scratched the surface. In fact, it was a devastating out-of-body experience and one that would take me at least a year to get over because it's a crippling feeling of not having my babies with me all the time.

It is also true that young children are far more resilient as compared to adults when it comes to change. As mentioned on this blog on several occasions, my children have thrived under this arrangement of childcare and home. 

2015 is another milestone for our family as Charlotte and Daniel enter their Childcare Centre for their final year and first year as Kindergarten children. Yes, my children are in Kindergarten! 

I still recall looking at the "older" kids at childcare and wonder what my kids who were infants then, would look and behave as Kindergarten children. Well, that time has arrived!

They will be in a class with a lot more children and the room set up mimics that of a classroom in a school. Their teacher holds a Degree in Early Childhood Education and will be teaching them the essentials to prepare them for their first day at school next year!

Yes, my children are going to Primary School in 2016! Can YOU believe it?!

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