Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A scary concept / compliment to the previous generations?

I laughed out loud when this was circulated on social media over the weekend. No matter how hard we resist not turning out like our parents (in some aspects), there are just some traits that are ingrained deep into our being. 

My mummy is outstanding - relentlessly hardworking, possesses excellent work ethic, fiercely loyal, unconditional in her love & care for the family, filial to her parents, wisdom beyond her generation and upbringing, generous in every way, clever intuition and ability to convert each challenge into opportunities, a brilliant cook and used-to-be champion nagger in multiple languages and dialects!

She started working at 18 years old and is still working today.
She juggles work & family very well and is a mistress of multi-tasking.
She is the first to rise and last to retire.
She is amazing and I appreciate her even more now that I am a mummy.

2013 - Four Generations.
Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Children.

Together, let's celebrate our mothers and their mothers before them.
For their sacrifices, unyielding support and unconditional love.

Let us stop criticising each other and celebrate the gift we have been bestowed with ... parenthood.

May the virtues from previous generations continue its reign in the present and future. 

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