Thursday, February 5, 2015

Epic Fail at Dinner Time

Dearest Charlotte and Daniel,

I failed you at dinner time on Tuesday night. It was horrifying and amusing to witness your reactions and triumph associated with my epic fail -  Korean Dinner of Chicken and Vegetables over rice.

Distracted by the enticing photo of a delicious meal on the label of the jar, I failed to notice the small font at the back of the jar that read "hot & spicy" until I tasted the dish while it was still cooking over the stove. My tongue tingled immediately and salvation was sought from the cold coconut water.

Alarm bells went off in my brain. "OH DEAR! Should I make another meal?" Well, we all know the decision I made.

Dinner time came around and the both of you sat obediently on your chairs. Your dinners placed in front of you. Both of you took your first bites...I waited in anticipation and ..YOU STARED AT ME VERY HARD, reached for your water bottles and drank copious amounts of water before proclaiming it to be spicy and kept sucking air into your mouths.

What did I do? I laughed my head off and watched with amusement, admiration and disbelief as the both of you persisted with your spicy meals. WOW.

Then I realised why. We have a rule in our home. Even if you dislike the meal, you must chew - drink water - swallow. That was exactly what you were doing. Oh my, I was so proud of the both of you.

About half way through the meal, Daniel had enough. He spat the dinner out of his mouth and stared at me. Seeing Daniel's bravado crushed, Charlotte bucked up the courage to follow suit before telling me to "never cook this meal, ever again!" 

We all laughed until tears streamed down our faces. I agreed never to cook this meal again and suggested that a replacement meal be served - Ham & Cheese Sandwich and a small glass of coconut water to calm your pulsating tongues followed by sliced cold watermelon.

Both of you beamed.

Needless to say, that replacement meal was gobbled with gusto, the refreshingly cold coconut water more than made up for my disaster in the kitchen and the dessert of sliced cold watermelon was the perfect end to a most hilarious dinner.

I am so sorry for putting you through that meal and thank you for making dinner oh so memorable & yes, hilarious!

With all my love,
Your mummy who needs to read food labels more carefully!

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