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Couch Potatoes Kind of Love

I am certain that parents and caregivers around the world breathe a collective sigh of relief when the children are in bed and fast asleep because that is the cue to reclaim some semblance of ourselves - to eat, cook, shower and in our case, flop on the couch and allow the television and mobile devices whisk us away.

This year marks the 12th year of marriage for us (been together for 15 years in total) and we have certainly evolved as individuals, as a couple and as parents to our children. We have experienced immense highs and exhilarations as well as immense lows and desperations. Through it all, we remain steadfast in our commitment to each other and the family that we have been blessed with.

Some days are ridiculously challenging and other days are somewhat calm. Well, as calm as it can be for working parents raising two young children plus 100% of household chores, that is.

There is no secret to how we roll.

We are honest and we share the same values. 
We argue and we forgive. 
We need time together and we need time apart.
We appreciate stillness and we also like spontaneity.
We are similar and we are different.
We love holidays and we love being at home.
We understand each other and sometimes, we have misunderstandings.
We are quiet and sometimes, we laugh till our bellies and joints hurt.
We are hardworking and plan for our future.
We pick our battles and we divide and conquer.

What about you? How would you describe your marriage?