Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One of the best parenting moments...

From left to right: The boys in 2014 and the boys today observing the friendships that my children forge and encouraging those friendships to grow with time.

Daniel and Anthony have been best mates since early 2014 and met each other in the same toddler class at Childcare. They gravitated towards each other and share a very easy friendship. I dare state for the fact that they are the best of friends. They are both similar in temperament - very kind and wears their hearts on their sleeves. They play & share gently and converse kindly...often, no words need to be exchanged and they intuitively know what the other wants! 

It is true that good friendships withstand that test of time and distance because these two no longer attend the same kindergarten and had no contact with each other for the past three months and .... when they did catch up last weekend, they ran towards each other across a huge field shouting each others' names. It was a most sweet moment. In fact, it was a heart swelling moment for me as Daniel's mummy.

Their friendship is simply magical. Their reunion was natural without any hint of awkwardness. I am so thankful that Daniel has such a good mate from a tender age and both boys are so good to each other.

Time spent with each other is never enough and Anthony's family is equally lovely. In fact, it is such a bonus that we all get along so well. 

My heart is bursting at the seams with pride, joy and love by their exemplary friendship. May this friendship continue to grow with each passing year.

Here's to Daniel and Anthony. It is such a privilege being a keen observer of your friendship and I look forward to watching the both of you grow up together.

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