Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A pictorial reflection of the last 4 years

In 3 weeks time, Charlotte and Daniel will be turning four. I am amaze, relief and filled with immense gratitude that we have "survived" as individuals and as a family in every sense of the word. Above all, I am immensely proud of the family that my husband and I have been blessed with. 

The photo above was captured 3 weeks before the births of Charlotte and Daniel. The first two years of raising twins were brutal, to state the least and those memories are still freshly etched in my mind. I am incredibly grateful for those early years as they continue to shape my parenting style and choices.

Charlotte and Daniel are my greatest achievements. I love watching them grow up and in particular, their curiosity and excitement about the world around them. Everything is new and unique, nothing is mundane and boring and everyone they meet is fascinating to them.

Being a stay at home mum for the first 9 months of their young lives was a most precious time. Tending to their every need and putting them before everyone else. We subscribed to a routine right from the start and continue to thrive under it as a family. Charlotte and Daniel enjoyed numerous outings with me for hours on end and they were such wonderful companions for me.

Returning back to corporate work when childcare placements became available was one of the hardest transitions of my life. My heart broke into infinite fragments as I left the care of my children to others and missed them desperately when we were apart and more so when I travelled for work. Being in childcare at such a young age meant that the children were ill very often and as consequence, the husband and I were also regularly unwell. The first two years of being in childcare took a toll on all our well-being and health. I seriously considered forgoing my career on numerous occasions because I was exhausted and unwell, most of the time! Common sense prevailed and we soldiered on.

As the years blurred from one to the next, birthdays were celebrated with aplomb at home. By the time, their 3rd birthdays came along, there was a distinct shift in our family. It started getting a little 'easier' and we embraced a lot more experiences and even went overseas (twice) together! Charlotte and Daniel are also taking on more responsibility for themselves and contribute towards the household chores.

The days can sometimes be long but the years are incredibly short. I love being able to sleep through the night (90% of the time) - be gone, night terrors!, my days of what seem to be endless nappies have come to an end and I am no longer tethered to two babies who depend on my body for sustenance (plus formula). HOORAY!

I look forward to their upcoming 4th birthdays and will be sure to give myself and the husband big hearty cuddles for ensuring the survival of the twins, for the past memories and for the future memories that we will create as a family.

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  1. Awww.. gorgeous pictures of their growing up! They are both beautiful kids! I always imagined how tough it would be having twins and really admire those who can do it so well, especially in the first few years! So well done, mummy and happy 4th birthday to the kiddos!

    1. Thank you Summer! Mummyhood is certainly a privilege!

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