Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Doing Theme Parks with the Twins

We have waited 4 years for this past weekend to occur and it was certainly worth the anticipation! Their excitement and ours was palpable which made our exploration of both theme parks all the more special.

To plan our days at Sea World and Movie World, I went online to check out all the showtimes to maximise our experiences. For those who are interested, here they are:

Before heading to the theme park each morning, we had hearty breakfasts to give us energy, a backpack for our bottles of water and some snacks that won't perish, hats on our heads, sunscreen on our faces, necks, legs and arms.


Sea World is a good introduction to theme parks for young children because it is easy to navigate and there are 'live' shows for weary legs to rest and be entertained. The monorail and cable car rides were the favourite of my children and so was the viking flume ride which saw all of us saturated from head-to-toe. That's as much fun as it got, for us that is. The junior area with rides for young children was really old and uninspiring (thankfully, it was demolished a day after we were there to make way for newer inclusions). The Dora Show was entertaining for Charlotte while Daniel went on another ride with his dad. If your children are fans of Dora & Friends and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they will enjoy the meet-and-greet, 'live' stage performances and very reasonably priced merchandise. 


Movie World is incredible for children who are at least 100 cm tall and the Warner Brothers' Kids Fun Zone was really FUN! We went on the ALL THE RIDES in that area including the Road Runner Roller Coaster which we went on 6 times!!!! Daniel was star struck by Bat Man, Charlotte with Tweety Bird and they both love Porkie Pig. We were there from the moment the gates opened at 10:00am and left at 4:00pm. Yes, we walked for 5 hours non-stop with one pit stop for lunch at one of the restaurants serving a Pasta and Pizza Buffet ($20 for each adult and children under the age of 5 eats free)!

We enjoyed Movie World so much that we went back the very next day - yes, did all the rides again including this which saw us soaked to the skin:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is official. My husband and I have given birth to the next generation of adrenalin junkies!

It was 3 full days of fun for our family and certainly worth the effort & energy because when I bade the twins' good night in their own beds last night, they told me that they missed being on holidays and roller coaster rides.

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