Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"The Corner" along the Brisbane River

Located on the banks of the Brisbane River stands our modern and majestic Queensland State Library. We fell in love with it all over again when we dropped by for a visit the other weekend.

On the street level of the library, tucked in the furthest corner is a space aptly called "The Corner". This is a space dedicated to children and for their caregivers to rest their weary legs. 

Who would have thought you could make that much noise in a library and still get away with it?

At the far end of this space is an elevated platform with 3 huge donut shaped seats (just the ones pictured above). Those are the best seats in the house with floor to ceiling windows which look over the parklands and children engage in all sorts of play in intimate comfort.

In the centre of "The Corner" lies a pirate ship which enables children access from every way possible. On it are various instruments for them to look into and explore. Just brilliant.

Along one side of the wall is a bench seat that stretches the entire length which doubles up as a craft area. It is a hive of activity and you can see/feel all those young brains ticking away while their hands do the work of tracing, drawing, colouring, pasting and cutting before it is handed over to be strung up onto the ceiling. 

It's so lovely that we are able to leave a bit of ourselves behind in this wonderful space for young children and their families.

This is one of the many gems of our river city. My family will certainly be back again soon.

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