Thursday, April 16, 2015

Turning 4 years old in a week

Following a pictorial reflection of the last 4 years as a mother, here is a pictorial reflection of the twins from the last 4 years!

Back in 2011 on the Good Friday Public Holiday, Charlotte and Daniel were born to us at full-term. They made their presence known and felt by screaming at full capacity. The husband and I looked at each other with horrified expressions and then laughed out loud because it reminded us of the years when we were childless...we used to run out of bookshops when children started so much as whinge! 

Fast forward to 2012. They were crawling and pulling themselves along furniture. This was also their first Easter and first taste of chocolates. Yes, they loved it and thankfully, not allergic to them!

Look at them in 2013. Standing, running and jumping. Dressed up and ready for their first Easter egg hunt with friends! Chubby and still in nappies, they were so cuddly!

2014. The year that saw them grow taller and leaner. Thankfully, they love their food or else they will resemble bean poles! Yes, their love for chocolate lingers.

To the present. 2015. Turning 4 years of age in a week. Where has all the time gone? They are certainly babies no more. Young children who see the world through unbiased and curious eyes. Loving kindergarten, friendships, play, making messes and creating LOTS OF NOISE!

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