Thursday, May 14, 2015

Every week is a long weekend

Long weekends are synonymous with mini breaks, "more" time for household tasks - family - social and a relaxed mindset knowing that the alarm clock will be turned off for an additional day.

I have been very fortunate in being able to enjoy a long weekend, every week with my family. That 'extra' whole day with them is relished and savoured. It is made more special this year because my children will commence their formal education in primary school next year.

Therefore, what do we get up to on our 'extra' day together?

1ST STOP:  The supermarket 
My family are brilliant consumers of fresh produce and that means a top up is required during the week. Thankfully, my children enjoy shopping for groceries so we walk around for 30 - 45 minutes filling our baskets with fruit, vegetables and other necessities.

2ND STOP: Weekly Swimming Class
This is the only extra curricular activity they undertake and being on a weekday morning has its advantages - the class is not filled to capacity and the ratio between teacher and student is low. My children along with their teacher are working on the strength of their strokes and kicks with decreasing reliance on the kick board. The objective is to enable them to swim the length (as outlined in the above pictures) independently. When this is achieved consistently, they will progress onto the next class. 

3RD STOP: Home
This is "free range" time aka self-entertain for the kids while I unload the groceries, hang out the laundry, prepare lunch, cook dinner and vacuum the home. We sit down for lunch and clean up together. I will inform the kids that I will be hibernating 10 minutes break with my iPad /we will sit down to watch a movie for some 'quiet time' or partake in group activities such as baking. 

4TH STOP: Outdoors
In the late afternoon, we walk to our local parks for play, make up games and exploration. 

While the kids have their dinner at 4:30pm, other household chores are being attended to. They have a shower and are in bed by 6:30pm.

The advantage of being able to attend to household chores around the kids' activities is brilliant because when they are in bed, I am able to have dinner with the husband in peace and kick back on the lounge.

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