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No more guilt trip about going to the office from the twins!

When my children turned 2.5 years old, I thought life was pretty swell.
Then they turned 3 years old and I thought life was amazing.
When my children turned 3.5 years old, I thought life was more than pretty swell.
Then they turned 4 years old and life is way more than amazing!

I love the individuals that they are.
I love that they care deeply for each other.
I love the inquisitive questions.
I love that they share the same values.

It truly is unique and rather spectacular to be a mother of multiples.
I marvel at the things they do (without being asked) and the conversations we have.

Just the other day, I brought them into the office (on my non-work day) for a quick visit. Though they were shy, I could see that they enjoyed their time and in particular, typing on the laptop and checking out the documents on my table.

The added benefit of this trip is that they can now see where I work and understand what it means when I say I am in the office. For the first time in years, just before bedtime, they no longer put the guilt trip on me.

What guilt tripThey whinge and sometimes cry before bedtime (Monday - Thursday) knowing that I will not at home when they wake up in the mornings. 

I should have brought them into the office much sooner to save me (and them) the unnecessary grief!