Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Day the husband scored MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS!

The day is Mother's Day and I proclaim it to be THE BEST EVER because no one in the family required medical intervention. Since the births of Charlotte and Daniel, we have been to the Children's Hospital every. single. Mother's. Day for some form of medical assistance. Not having to go to the hospital was the. best. gift. ever.

This year, I stayed in bed till 7:30am even though the kids were up at 6:00am. We cuddled, tickled and talked in bed. It was just glorious. Then the husband brought me a nice cup of tea, put the morning news on our telly in the bedroom and whisked the children out into the kitchen with him. 

WOW. He scored major brownie points. All alone in our bedroom, with a cup of tea, on the bed all by myself.  Ahhhhhhhhh. I so deserve this.

Then it was breakfast time. With a big smile on my face and holding an empty cup, I sat at the dining table with my family and tucked into a plate of hot breakfast lovingly prepared by the husband. 

WOW. He was kicking all the goals this morning.

After breakfast, the husband washed and tidied up the kitchen with the help of the children while I sat on the couch with my ipad. 

WOW. He was doing everything without any intervention on my part.

After the kitchen was clean, Daniel and he washed and vacuumed both cars while Charlotte nominated herself to stick by side so that she could "look after mummy".

WOW. The husband is a mind reader. My car has not been washed since .... {better not say}

After all of us were showered and dressed, the husband took us to lunch so that I didn't have to cook. He nominated Yum Cha. Perfect, there's always something there for everyone. On this particular busy day, we even scored ourselves a car park spot within 1 min of arrival. Meant to be.

The rest of the day was sublime. I did not have to raise my voice once. It's a miracle, I tell you. The husband did incredibly well on appreciating me as the mother of his children. Yes, there were gifts as well! WOW.

I felt incredibly indulged, appreciated, loved and special. 
I hope your Mother's Day was uneventful like mine.
That you had a wonderful day with your family too.

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