Tuesday, June 16, 2015

He "graduated" from Speech Therapy

We made a decision to send Daniel for speech therapy at the start of the year following two day surgeries involving grommets insertions into both ears, lack of clarity with pronunciation and our mutual frustration in not understanding him 70% of the time. 

Daniel's first appointment saw him assessed by the therapist for an hour. Following that, she provided me with a comprehensive report which I also shared with his kindergarten teacher. Her recommendation was for us to attend a 45 minute session every three weeks. As I was required to stay in the same room as an observer and the sessions had to occur after work, Charlotte tagged along too. 

After each session, we were given words to practice until our next appointment. Those words were shared with his Kindergarten teacher also. Daniel's Kindergarten teacher has been amazingly supportive and we are very grateful for her support. We would practice with Daniel at home, he would then practice with his teacher at kindergarten and with his therapist during the sessions.

The tri-factor support, I believe, made a huge difference. Soon, Daniel was self-correcting and we could all understand him 90% of the time!

We saw the therapist a few days ago for one of our pre-booked sessions and she was astonished by his progress (so was I). She suggested at that point to conduct an assessment on Daniel. I agreed. That assessment was nothing short of amazing. Daniel was given 80 words to read and he aced all of them! He also spoke in very clear complete sentences when questions were asked! The therapist then turned to me and said that he no longer needs to see her. She suggested that we return in November for a language assessment leading up to him entering Primary School next year. Yes, the appointment has been booked!

WOW. The pride in Daniel's eyes were priceless and we are so proud of him. He has worked hard with our support and he knows the importance of clear communication. He took ownership and together with us, he made it work.

In a short span of 6 months, Daniel has come a really long way. We are so proud of him and are very thankful for the support.

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