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Friendship has blossomed from one generation to the next

There is much to say about friendships. In fact, there are a lot of quotes on friendships. Some friendships are seasonal and some withstand the test of time, distances and  even differences. I am very fortunate to have two best friends - one spans 30 years and the other, 16 years. Even though we do not live in the same country, we are able to pick up from when we last left off.

We continue to support and celebrate each other through ups and downs.
We accept, support and love each other like family.

I can always count on them and know that I will always have their backs.

Recently, one of my best friends and her family stayed with us over several days and we had a marvelous time together!

During that time, another friendship was birthed. My children and her daughter (my god daughter). The three children got on very well (thank goodness!) which made meal times and outings rather pleasurable.

The stand out for me is the friendship between our daughters. 

Charlotte took on the role of big sister before K arrived in our home very seriously. She meticulously hand picked a few plush toys to accompany K in her cot during bedtime and singled out age appropriate toys for K's enjoyment.

It was sheer delight witnessing their instant connection. In fact K was Charlotte's shadow most of the time and when Charlotte couldn't see K by her side, she would go in search of her. The girls spent every waking hour in each other's presence and held hands wherever they went. If K was in the stroller, Charlotte held onto the side of the stroller the entire duration. Charlotte would pack toys and snacks for our car rides so that K would be entertained.

I have never seen this side of my daughter and am heartened that she is a deeply caring and loving young girl. When K departed Brisbane for home, Charlotte cried and howled for over 2.5 hours. She was absolutely heart-broken and can finally understand why I always cry when I bid my parents farewell at the airport.

Naturally, my best friend and I are thrilled that our girls enjoy each other's friendship and are so good to each other. Here's hoping and praying that their friendship will withstand the test of time, distances and differences just like their mummies.