Friday, July 17, 2015

Re-connecting after a full day of work and kindergarten

On the exact day Charlotte and Daniel turned 9 months young also marked my return to corporate work. Since then, I have been tip toeing out of our home before the crack of dawn with the knowledge that my beloved husband and children are still deep in slumber. 

Being in the office before everyone else means I am able to  concentrate and catch up on work that continues to pile up when I leave the office from the day before, and I get to leave the office before everyone else. 

Getting to Kindergarten during their Afternoon Tea is one of my favourite times of the day. The children hug me enthusiastically and I watch on with fondness as they tuck into their food and chat with their friends. Then we play in their outdoor play area with their friends for a little bit more before we head home. In the midst of it, their teacher and I also catch up so that I am kept informed of what they have been up to.

Some afternoons are made for bike rides. Yes, they are on pedal bicycles and have taken to them like ducks to water, much to our delight and pride. During this time, we pause to check out the native flora and fauna, feed the ducks and have a play in one of the parks. 

A brilliant way for us to unwind and re-connect before the mayhem of dinner, clean up, showers and bedtime!

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