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Our family's Rules of Engagement

As a working mummy, I try my hardest not to bring work home as time with my family is very precious. However, this may not be possible all of the time and we make this happen through our family's rules of engagement.

  • Work commitments will always revolve around my family commitments. Never the other way around. 

  • I let them know how long it is going to take and what awaits them for their understanding and patience.

  • I work in the same space / area as my family so that they know that I am physically there with them. 

  • My children see what it means to be a working mummy and that they are never excluded.

  • When I am on the phone - everyone in the family is silent. When I am working on my laptop - nobody bothers me. 

For their understanding and graciousness, we  are all rewarded with family outings that enables us to create more positive family memories.

We enjoyed the following rewards in the last few days:

With our annual pass, we spent a fun filled couple of hours at Dreamworld.

An hour's bike ride which included
making bubbles, feeding ducks and having a picnic outdoors.

I am incredibly grateful to my very supportive husband and gracious children for enabling me to do what I do for them while performing my work commitments.