Friday, August 14, 2015

Returning to the EKKA after 16 years


I still cannot believe that much time has elapsed since my inaugural visit to the EKKA with my then-boyfriend (now, husband). Needless to say, our recent visit was very different from the previous. For more information about the EKKA, click here.

It was our family's first EKKA experience and it was great. The generous layout of the showgrounds means we weren't penned in like sardines. There are pavilions for different purposes (gourmet food, animals, trade displays, show bags, etc), different amusement ride areas for the young as well as abilities & older ages. 

Getting to the EKKA
You can get to the EKKA in a multitude of ways and we chose to drive there, which was both convenient as well as affordable. In one of the EKKA lift outs, I saw a special parking code for secured parking at Metro Valley for $20 (for the day!). Its location is a mere 3 minutes walk to the EKKA.


Safety at the EKKA
In a sea of crowd, it is easy to lose sight or touch of each other so when a police officer approached us about a wristband for each of our children, we jumped at the opportunity. Our details were written down on each wristband which was then stuck on to each kid. The police officer then explained to the twins what they must do if they are ever lost. What a brilliant initiative and one that makes perfect sense!

Rides for young children (under the height of 110cm)
Our children stand at 105cm and there were many ride options for them. The rides were priced from $7 and up per person. One of the best value rides has to be the huge Ferris wheel which gives you a bird's eye view of all the proceedings. It was very relaxing and the ride was at least 10 minutes!

EKKA Traditions
When you are at the EKKA, there are two things you must do. It is a tradition. Show bags and food (Dagwood dog aka battered long sausage on stick and Strawberry ice-cream). The Dagwood dogs we had were very daggy- the batter was soggy and oily. The strawberry ice-cream, on the other hand, was still as good as I remember them to be, filled with fresh strawberries and topped with a fresh strawberry! YUM!

Daniel is a lover of animals and he REALLY wanted to pay a pig so that was what we did. It was a brilliant activity - the piglets were clean, engaging and so clever. Daniel enjoyed patting them, twirling their tails and feeding them. It was such a delight watching his enjoyment!

Fossicking for Dinosaurs
A mummy friend recommended that we partake in this activity in one of the pavilions. It was a great opportunity for us to pause while the children fossicked for their dinosaurs! Check out Daniel's rapid hand movements while Charlotte looked on with astonishment plastered on her face! This simple and fun activity costs $5 per child.

Brilliant Family Day Out!
Being there at 9:45am (doors open at 9:00am) meant that there was next to no queue at any of the amusement rides as well as show bags pavilion. That enabled us to be rather efficient and we managed to absorb most of the activities without being overwhelmed. The children told us at 1:00pm that they were ready to go home and we did just that!

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