Thursday, September 3, 2015

On this exact day, 5 years ago...

I had a hunch that I was pregnant. During their 8th week gestational scan, I wrote the very first letter to my babies.

Monday 4 October 2010

Dearest children,

This is my first letter to you. Today you are 8 weeks and 4 days young.

You are on my mind all the time because we have desired you for the last four years. Indeed, you are our miracles. We are so grateful that you have chosen us to be your parents and promise never to take you for granted. We thank God each day for you and continue to ask him to protect you in his assuring hands so that with this grace, you will continue to grow and we may show you the wonderful world he has created.

You will most likely read this on your 18th birthdays and as your mummy, I want to assure you that I love you whole-heartedly and unconditionally. No one loves you like I love you and that is a fact. Okay, no more mushy stuff.

Here's a breakdown of dates in the year 2010 that are crucial to you and us:

Thursday 19 August
I am in day surgery for a procedure call "Egg Pick Up".

Friday 20 August
We are told that out of the 6 eggs that were harvested, 3 had fertilised. The agonising wait.

Tuesday 24 August
I am back for "Egg Transfer" and told that there are 2 blastocysts graded 4AA. We are elated and advised the embryologist to put both in me.

Thursday 26 August - Monday 30 August
Implantation commence and complete.

Friday 3 September
I think I am pregnant.

Sunday 5 September
I am certain of my pregnancy. Very clear symptoms.

Monday 6 September
Blood test to confirm pregnancy and the 2 hour wait is agonising. The doctor's clinic rings and confirms the pregnancy. My HCG level is 1732! WOW! That is very high. Could I be having twins?

A week later
I was overcome with nausea.

Friday 17 September
6 weeks pregnant and first scan. We see 2 yolk sacs! One of those sacs has a shadow and flickering heartbeat. The other can't be seen and the Dr's hunch tells her that there's another one in there. 

Thursday 30 September
8 weeks pregnant and second scan. This time we see 2 yolk sacs, 2 embryos and 2 flickering heartbeats! We are over-the-moon grateful and excited. This day, I graduate from being a fertility patient to pregnant woman.

Thursday 7 October
First appointment with the obstetrician.

We hope and pray each day that you will continue your growth. We love you so much and cannot wait to meet you.

With all our love and good wishes for you,

Mummy and Daddy.

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