Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rainbow Lunches

We live in our kitchen. We make messes, tidy up, make more messes, create meals, experiment with new flavours, read, build very long & sometimes complicated train tracks, give dollies their baths and feed them, etc. You get the drift. 

Our kitchen is the soul of our home. 

I am also obsessed with providing my family with colourful meals. Meals that are very easy to put together using what is available at home. No need for fancy gadgets or expensive ingredients. I have also learnt that simple meals which do not require much effort are also the ones that my children will eat with the most gusto!

Here are some of our favourite Rainbow Lunches:

Sandwiches do feature highly with our lunches and the fillings vary depending on...what is available at home. Some of our favourites include:
  • Ham + cheese + avocado
  • Tuna + avocado + mayonnaise + spinach
  • Salmon + avocado + cucumber
  • Mashed up boiled eggs + curry powder + mayonnaise + lettuce 
  • Roast chicken + avocado + mayonnaise
The sides are often seasonable fruits and vegetables. Variety is certainly the spice of life!

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