Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taking time out everyday. To pause.

Oh, quiet time! I love thee so much!
On the days when I am a stay at home mummy.
As well as on the days when I am a working mummy.

Thankfully, the twins seem to enjoy quiet time too.
Especially after we return home from being out & about.

They will settle down to activities of their desires.
Sometimes, I will make suggestions.

Earlier this year, I started telling them whenever I require quiet time.
Usually in the bedroom on my own for 15 mins.

Recently, they have taken to telling each other when they need time apart or from me.
I love that.

It is good to take time out every single day.
Even if it is for a few minutes. To pause.

I am so grateful that my children are now "old enough" to understand the importance of keeping one's sanity through quiet time. For them and for me. 

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