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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off to Primary School we go!

Cuddling two babies, feeling their heart beats against mine.
Smelling two babies, absorbing their fragrances of innocence.
Kissing two babies, marveling that they are mine. 

After what seems like a long wait.
A fleeting amount of time is all we have because they grow up so darn fast.

When they were little, some days dragged on.
I would roll my eyes when others told me that they grow up very quickly.
On the days that go by in a blink of an eye,
I would cling onto them until they peeled away from me.

From diapers and milk bottles to undies and eating more food than their parents.
From sleep deprivation and non-stop illness to putting themselves to bed and building immunity.

My twins are going to Primary School next year.
We went for the Prep Enrolment Interview this week as a family.
The twins were authentic and cheeky throughout.
We looked on with pride and humour.

Happy little Vegemites, they certainly are.
Proud as a punch, we certainly are.